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About Nikki

Today's look is about livable hairstyles to elevate your natural beauty -- hair with built-in flexibility that will take you from work to play. Nikki has been in the industry for over 20 years and strives to deliver lived-in colors that will work with your lifestyle. Whether at the yoga studio, office, or happy hour, let's inspire confidence in your beauty with a fresh look customized to you. Nikki is the type of girl who loves to rock everything from curls to a ball cap.  So she understands the importance of having a versatile hairstyle for your desired look.


My commitment is to ensure my guests that this elevated feeling goes with them from the moment they arrive, revealing the self-confidence and natural beauty they already have within. I believe in the art of listening so my guests feel personally heard. I’ll customize your personalized hair experience, hair care routine, and future bookings to fit YOUR hair needs with a thorough consultation. I believe in kindness, generosity, and care toward you and your hair, and I know you will feel the same when your service is complete. 


When Nikki is not behind the chair enjoying her time with her husband and pug at home while watching sports and cooking, she also enjoys entertaining, yoga, reading a good book, and tending her garden and plants.

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